The Governance Research Lunchtime Discussions (GRLD) take place once a month as researchers working in Darwin, Cairns, Alice Springs, Arnhem Land and Melbourne come together to talk about governance and Northern Australia. Those of us who are in Darwin meet in the Red Room at the Northern Institute (CDU), and the rest of us join the conversation by phone and video link-up.

In one way or another – as researchers, analysts, educators and facilitators – we are all involved in projects which are related to governance and Northern Australia. At the same time we also seem to be caught up within current shifts around the nature and position of governments. As there is a movement towards the devolution of responsibility for service provision and decision making to the civil and corporate sectors, this group offers an opportunity to talk about some of the tensions and confusions arising around this transition as they appear in our own work.

It is these discussions which are (partially) recorded here on this website; and which may be more fully elaborated in a forthcoming book on governance and Northern Australia.

Next Meeting: 12.30-2pm (Darwin time), 11th December, in the Red Room, at the Northern Institute

Images: Milingimbi from the air (courtesy of GroundUp, Milingimbi Stage 1-2 
Report), and Talking in the Red Room at the Northern Institute (courtesy of tNI)

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